Ckunk ney aku tgk ramay betol yg addicted to vintage ney . Macam beshh la plak vintage ney .

"Vintage clothing is a generic term for new or second hand garments originating from a previous era. The phrase is also used in connection with a retail outlet, e.g. "vintage clothing store." It can also be used as an adjective: "This dress is vintage."
The word vintage is copied from its use in wine terminology, as a more elegant-seemingeuphemism for "old" clothes."

Ha tu la maksod vintage . Tu pon aku search google dapad kt wikipedia . 
Gmba kt bawah ney aku amek kt google images je .

:: flat shoes . cantekk sey ::

:: dresses ::

:: 1set vintage head to toe ::

:: vintage bags . chanel tu . ::

:: high heels ::

Gile2 lh vintage style ney . Cantekk .

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